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Filmi Safar, originally established as a hobby blog in 2022 with a primary focus on aggregating movie reviews, has since evolved into a comprehensive platform covering all facets of Bollywood.

Operating under the domain Filmisafar.com, it proudly stands as India’s largest repository, encompassing a diverse range of content categories such as movie reviews, biographies, web series, upcoming movie information, song lyrics, religious verses including Arti, Chalisa, and Mantra lyrics, box office collections, and serialized stories.

The driving force behind Filmi Safar is Mrs. Sonali, who leads the team, including the original bloggers who contributed to the site in 2022 and 2023. Their collective effort has resulted in a vast database spanning over a year, housing movie reviews, ratings, and box office data for Bollywood releases in India.

A distinctive aspect of Filmi Safar is its commitment to providing a platform for unbiased and neutral opinions on matters related to Bollywood, fostering a healthy and informed discourse.

To maintain the quality of discussions, the platform takes a rigorous approach to comment moderation, discouraging spam and ensuring a respectful environment.

For inquiries or contact, the official email address provided is filmisafarofficial@gmail.com.

Filmi Safar’s mission is to enliven the day of its readers by offering exclusive and up-to-the-minute B-Town information, often uncovering news before it reaches the wider world. With an ever-growing passion for cinema, Famous Bollywood is dedicated to delivering a thrilling array of news and entertainment, ensuring readers stay well-informed and entertained.

A regular visit to the site promises a wealth of topics to enrich your general knowledge and provide engaging conversational material for public discussions.

Know About Our Team

Sonali : Chief Editor 
Sonali Sonali is the Editor in Chief of Filmi Safar and has held this role since 2022. Over the course of more than a decade, he has authored hundreds of articles, and some of his work has garnered recognition from prestigious publishers. His success in the field of writing and editing is a testament to his unwavering dedication and diligent work ethic. Sonali possesses a unique ability to harmonize his extensive experience with the latest technological advancements, resulting in content creation and curation that resonates with readers. His unwavering commitment to accuracy and quality truly defines his role as Chief Editor at Filmi Safar.
Mrs. Sonali
Sandeep Kumar – Social Media Manager
Sandeep Kumar Sandeep Kumar serves as the Social Media Manager at Filmi Safar, responsible for overseeing the curation and management of the brand’s social media channels. In this pivotal role, he diligently monitors, moderates, and promptly responds to audience comments, ensuring a vibrant and engaging online community. As the head of Social Media Management (SMM), his primary focus lies in elevating the brand’s presence on social platforms, thereby extending the reach of captivating articles to a wider audience. Sandeep excels at crafting compelling and informative posts on our social accounts to keep readers well-informed about the latest developments. He is consistently on the lookout for noteworthy news items that are deserving of being shared with our dedicated readers and followers.
Sandeep Kumar
Manish Maurya- Web Admin
Manish mauryaManish plays a crucial role as the administrator of Filmi Safar, where he assumes responsibility for the website’s overall management and maintenance. His duties encompass meticulous oversight of the website’s functionality, appearance, content, and performance. Manish’s primary focus lies in the technical aspects of web maintenance, including server configuration and troubleshooting, ensuring that the website operates smoothly and efficiently. In addition, he dedicates his efforts to enhancing the website’s visual appeal by incorporating captivating visuals such as images and multimedia elements. Above all, Manish is committed to optimizing the user experience, striving to provide readers with a seamless and enjoyable interaction with our site.
Manish Maurya

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